2014 Employee Awards

Every January the partners at ANF Architects host an Employee "New Year's Good Luck" Luncheon on the first day after our holiday break. 

This tradition is one that offers us a chance to reflect on our accomplishments of the previous year while generating excitement and focusing our goals for the year ahead. 

Outstanding employee performance from the previous year is acknowledged with bespoke award certificates. Six awards were given at this year's luncheon for 2014 work accomplishments. 

Eli Cloud received the ANF Award for her cheerful and inquiring disposition; zealous action-oriented focus; organized, almost nonstop engine; and a sociable love of festivities.
Brian Martinelli received the Leslie Smith Award (an award that pays homage to the late Leslie Smith who was a wonderful person and was a terrific Associate at ANF Architects for over 30 years) for reliable character and practical problem-solving for ANF. Just like Leslie Smith, Brian doesn't mess around; he gets the job done. You can find Brian working away, cussing at times, but always completing his projects in a timely manner while working well with clients and co-workers.  Not only is Brian a great Revit resource, but he finds time to mentor others, and devotedly harass Rosemary.      
Amanda Whitaker received a letter of recognition for her continuing hard work for ANF. Amanda has made a huge difference on the U of M Community Health facility.  As Project Manager, she has worked hard to make sure that this project is innovative, in the budget, and on time.  She has demonstrated that hard work and attention to detail do pay off.
Tava Frazier received a letter of recognition for her continuing hard work for ANF. Tava has made a huge difference on U of M Community Health.  From day one, she has worked hard to make sure the Interior Design and furniture are first class and timely.  Tava's attention to detail and hard work are hitting the mark...and beautifully. We like that!
Tava Frazier received an additional award, the "Beating The Bushes Award" for her outstanding service and continuing hard work for ANF. Tava is always seeking to find new projects.  She makes the extra effort to develop new markets and find new clients.  Tava keeps the antenna up, and ANF greatly appreciates her willingness to find, identify clients, and help us cultivate new opportunities.
Jim Davis received the "Keeping You Happy Award." For his outstanding service and continuing hard work for ANF. Jim knows how to keep clients happy.  He is willing to listen patiently to their needs and get it done. And sometimes this is not easy when the client is in a hurry and/or demanding.  On several occasions Jim has saved the day with his ability to get it done.

2014 was a great year for ANF Architects. Teamwork and synergy are key to our success. In 2015, as our firm celebrates 40 years as a reputable architecture firm in Memphis, we intend to continue to deliver great design and client service and to recognize our greatest asset: Our staff. 

Posted by Eli Cloud at 8:55 AM
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