2015 Employee Awards

This year at ANF Architects, we broke with tradition and had our Employee Awards Celebration on Groundhog Day - rather than the traditional first day of the new year in the office.

The ANF Employee Awards recognize outstanding employee performance with personalized award certificates. For 2015, seven employees were recognized for their hard work, dedication, and commitment. These seven went above and beyond in 2015 and they have the certificates to prove it!

2015 Awards Recipients:

Tava Frazier, interior designer Tava Frazier received the "ANF Award" for talent; organization; self-awareness; sociability; tough-mindedness; and connecting the dots between design, marketing, budgets, client relations, and refined spirits. This is the firm's highest honor.

Rosemary McClellan receives the Patience of Job Award

Rosemary McClellan received the "Patience of Job Award" - Rosemary does whatever is needed to make our office run smoothly. Even when super busy, she finds time to help us with a task that we probably should do ourselves. Rosemary is the go-to person when you need something done! She has the Patience of Job and her attitude is an inspiration to us all. 

Amanda Whitaker, architect with ANF Architect

Amanda Whitaker received the "Mother Hen Award" for her caring and fussing over the work and people of ANF Architects. Amanda cares about the projects that leave this office. She goes out of her way to ensure ANF drawings are complete and well detailed while also making sure that we are all eating correctly, exercising, and staying healthy. To her, it’s not just about our work it’s also about our people.

Linda Smith, Business Office Manager

Linda Smith received the "Saving our Bucks Award." Linda has saved ANF thousands through her diligent research of employee benefit costs. With renewal rates rising every year, Linda somehow finds a way to maintain or even reduce our costs while still providing good benefits to ANF. 

Louis R. Pounders

Louis R. Pounders received the "Have You Seen This? Award." Louis is great at research! Mention you are going to a new destination and he sends lots of suggestions for things to see and do, many of them great buildings to visit. Mention a new project coming into the office, and he digs deep to find useful information. Louis knows the power of the internet and makes full use of it! 

Brian Martinelli, architect at ANFBrian Martinelli received the "Split Infinitive Award." He is known as the office "Editing Wizard" (hence the hat). Brian is the best at checking ANF proposals, newsletters, and correspondence before sending it out. He never misses a split infinitive or a mangled conjugation. Brian is the go-to guy to make sure all things going out from ANF are not only right for spelling and punctuation, but also content, conjugation, and composition.  

Jim Wilkins, architect, IT AwardJim Wilkins received the "Beam Me Up, Scottie Award." Jim keeps ANF abreast of technology, and that’s not easy these days. He fights the virus monster while looking for new software being offered to ANF. We enjoy systems that work most all the time due in no small part to Jim’s diligence. We work more efficiently, faster, and better than any other firm in Memphis.  

Posted by Stacee Zebb at 4:36 PM
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