ANF: A Green Office

By Mark Sehnert

In 2013, this office recycled roughly ten tons of office paper, cardboard, glass, plastic and aluminum. I should know, having taken most of it to the recycling center myself. I have the weight slips and Bengay receipts to prove it. Once a year, we purge our Interiors library and donate out-of-date samples to IIDA’s Zero Landfill project for use by school children, teachers, college students and non-profits. Personally, and without prior written consent from my wife, I rescued three TVs, multiple speakers, computer and audio components, two lamps and a popcorn machine. I’m listed in the yellow pages under Home for Wayward Electronics. My bumper sticker says I Brake for Crap on the Side of the Road. My motto is I’ll Take It.    

We have participated in Memphis Heritage’s Adapt-a-Door fundraiser every year since its inception, repurposing doors that MHI has rescued from local demolition into beautiful and functional pieces of art with funny names. A potter’s bench (Gone to Pot), an electric guitar (Door Jam), wall art (Administrative Offices) and wine racks (All Lit Up, Feeling Tipsy, Bottoms Up) are examples. As our recycling efforts grew it became apparent that we really needed a more “attractive” means of collection. With a mandate to "resolve the recycling thing", an impending Adapt-a-Door deadline and a meager budget, this year we consolidated our efforts and "adapted" our door into an office recycling center. Using an old, dumpster-destined wooden file cabinet as a frame, we carefully sliced our donor door into a patchwork skin and cabinet doors for our recycling center. We repurposed sample hinges and hardware and added a solid surface top donated by Minimax Kitchen and Bath that was fabricated from scrap material collecting dust in their shop. Despite lacking a funny name, our piece was popular at the MHI Adopt-a-Door auction, taking second place in the Best in Door competition. At the auction, we managed to win it back for the office.    

Looking forward to 2014, we plan to continue our recycling efforts. Our new recycling center now serves as a beacon of our planet-protective mindset and an educational piece to encourage clients and guests to also do the right thing. We’re already planning our door project for 2014 and clearing out our Interiors library in preparation for Zero Landfill Day. Oh, and if you’re tossing a 200-pound tube TV with a 13-inch screen, I’ll take it.  Maybe my wife will be out of town.

Posted by Eli Cloud at 4:56 PM

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