ANF Wins the IIDA TN Composing Great Design Award of Excellence in Corporate Design

On Thursday, August 13th, ANF Architects was honored to receive the IIDA TN Composing Great Design Award of Excellence in Corporate Design over 20,000 SF for the FedEx Flight Operations & Pilot's Lounge Project. 

FedEx Corporation, an American global courier delivery services company headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, wanted to modernize their 20-plus-year-old core flight operations area to provide better flow, functionality & aesthetics.

This was a fun project that renovated and modernized the FedEx Flight Operations & Pilot’s Lounge. 

Renovated areas include:  

Security Screening


Flight Planning & Training Areas 


Manager’s Offices


Lounge Space was added to provide a respite for pilots before and between flights around the world. 


The addition of Collaborative Areas creates space for pilots to interact in a comfortable setting.


The design for this project is conceptually based on vapor trails left by airplanes in the sky. This concept is emphasized in the acoustical ceiling with crisscrossing strips of LED light fixtures. The pattern, mirrored on the floor, represents ground transportation routes. In the heart of the operations area, the ceiling transitions to dark bronze faceted hard ceiling accented by wing-shaped light fixtures alluding to planes in the night. Bright and welcoming corporate colors are prevalent in the security screening area and strategically incorporated into the lounge & café.

Maintaining uninterrupted facility operations was a challenge met by phased construction, but equally as challenging was developing a design that is universally enjoyed by hundreds of pilots & employees. 


The project was designed using sustainable concepts, such as utilizing low-VOC paints & materials containing recycled content. Additionally, 38,000 SF of old carpet was sent back to the manufacturer for recycling.

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