Bob Eoff Art Show: Appalachian Wrangler

On Friday, June 14th, ANF Architects was honored to present Bob Eoff's 'Appalachian Wrangler' Grand Opening Reception.

This show featured an extraordinary collection of work that demonstrated the artist need to challenge himself, to take his art to the next level.  Bob paints from life and this show was no exception.  In the artists own words, this collection of work was inspired "from the mountains and streams of Western North Carolina to Tennessee rodeos, these watercolors and oils represent some of the people, places and landscapes near Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina and the recognition of the cowboy spirit."  

In an interview with Fredric Koppel of the Commercial Appeal,  Bob maps his career path and talks about the road that led to his becoming an artist.

The show is described as having "a Western theme and marks somewhat of a departure for the artist, who has largely concentrated on landscape, forests, rivers and the like."  Now, he said, “I’m painting with more detail. My goal this summer is to paint more people. The people up there” — on Grandfather Mountain — “have such wonderful faces. They lead a pretty hardscrabble life. Nothing but rocks up there, but they grow tomatoes, watermelons and whole mountainsides of lilies.” (except from The Commercial Appeal)

In keeping with the spirit of the opening, "western" or better yet, "cowboy," It was only fitting that we add beer and beer-nuts to the list of refreshments served.  This was a joyful night filled with laughter and fine art.  

Posted by Eli Cloud at 4:07 PM

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