Creating Environments Used For Innovation

by Tava Frazier

Recently we've been lucky enough to assist clients with creating centers for innovation.  These spaces are meant for short term use (one week to several months) and serve to provide a creative environment for special projects.  

A lot of thought goes into creating this type of space.  Making it fun and appealing is easy, making it functional is another story.  Special consideration should go into addressing acoustics, providing a flexible lighting system, integrating a/v needs, and providing multiple types of work spaces for all the different ways people collaborate.  Without addressing these needs you’ll end up with a good looking space that no one wants to use. 

Today’s work places often have people spanning multiple generations working on the same project.  People new to the workforce depend a great deal on technology in a way someone who’s been working for 30 years may not.  In order to create an effective space for innovation, multiple work styles need to be supported.  

Devices assisting in the creative process can range from basic pencil and paper all the way to interactive media walls capable of screen sharing with other devices, video conferencing, working with external apps and much more.    

Another point that should be addressed is how will the design provide users with necessary support spaces in addition to primary work spaces.  This includes spaces that can be used when ‘breaking out’ into sub groups, relaxing, taking a personal moment, having a private meeting and/or participating in team building activities. 


Simply providing workers with new furniture that brings people out of offices/cubicles and into an open work environment does not on its own foster collaboration.  To truly create an environment that fosters the process of innovation, you need to address much more than the work surface alone.  This is what we do for our clients.  

We think about how this space will function to produce collaboration and innovation from every angle in order to develop a complete design that will produce results.  Our motto at ANF Architects is “Innovative Design = Successful Clients” 

To see more images of spaces we've worked on click here and here.

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