Innovative Solar Tubes used at the Uclub Athletic Building

By Lee Askew 

The University Club of Memphis recently engaged ANF Architects to renovate its Athletic Building and to improve the aesthetics of the lower areas, which until recently, have had little or no natural light. 

To solve this problem ANF made two important changes:  raise the ceilings on the lower level and add Solar Tubes to bring natural light into the lower level.  Now nearing completion, the difference in the look and feel of the lower area, mostly the Women’s Locker Room and Spa area, is remarkable.  Not only did ANF find a way to raise the new ceilings in all areas, sometimes almost 18 inches, but ANF also recommended using innovative Solar Tubes to bring natural light in the new Spa areas.  

A solar tube is a highly reflective tube, about 21 inches in diameter which uses a special lens at the roof level to catch the sunlight and push it down into the lower areas, some 20 feet.  

The reflectivity inside this tube is caused by a highly reflective anodized aluminum coated plastic film, which loses no more than 2% of the captured sunlight.  Solar tubes can be bent to miss ducts, beams and other obstacles without loss of light.  At the ceiling level, prismatic lenses are used to amplify the sunlight and to spread it evenly across the room without heat gain or hot-spots.  The result is amazing: an abundance of sunlight in the Spa/locker areas!  

The Solatube 330 DS has earned an Energy Star rating for its ability to minimize heat loss in extremely cold climates and heat gain in extremely warm ones.  It offers the highest level of energy efficiency and can light spaces up to 350 sq. ft. 

Posted by Eli Cloud at 4:21 PM
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