Interior Design Workshop: Finish Boards

ANF's Interior Designer Liz Engel, knows how important a hands-on education is for interior design students. Yesterday, Liz gave a presentation to students in Professor Jeanne Myers' "Components of Interiors" Class at The University of Memphis' Department of Architecture in Jones Hall on interior finish boards.  Liz demonstrated the various types of finish boards that can be created (depending on project type & client) as well as what a client has requested in their contract. Students were presented with: simple finish boards, recessed finish boards, framed hospitality finish boards, digital finish boards, digital with physical samples, & printed boards with loose samples presentation (used in early schematics).   

Liz showed the students how to approach overall graphic layout of a board.  Boards are typically displayed with heavier flooring finishes at the bottom and wall and ceiling finishes toward the top, using foam core and matte board to mound and layer various finishes for interest and design cohesion with a special emphasis on the importance of title blocks.  Demonstrations were given on how to cut foam core and various other materials like carpet, LVT, laminate, rubber,etc. without cutting your fingertips off --stressing the importance of keeping a sharp blade to achieve clean cuts.  Students were shown how to ‘upholster’ a fabric sample using foam core & hot glue for a clean upholstery presentation.  Discussions about the many types of glues and tapes used to hold everything together, which products work best for each material provided a foundation for students as they prepare to create their first finish boards.

Posted by Eli Cloud at 9:55 AM
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