Major Renovations at ANF Office

The summer of 2013 is turning out to be a good one for improvements here at ANF Architects.

If you have attended a meeting, art show or other event here recently, you may have noticed how good the building looks now.  This is due to a 2 phase enhancement and renovation project that was initiated in May.  The first phase involved the exterior of 1500 Union.  It included a new (warm gray) paint scheme on the brick (see photo) along with the painting of all the wood trim, hand rails and light poles.  

Attention was also paid to our interior courtyard and streetscape as new ground cover, shrubs and landscaping was planted, tree limbs were cut, the irrigation system upgraded and some vibrant color was added to our flower beds and pots.  The exterior awning has been replaced and other maintenance items are now being completed.    

If you drop by in the fall, you will notice even more renovations as we continue to spruce up and revitalize the most heavily used areas inside of our facility.  Phase Two of the enhancements will involve the interior spaces and will include a complete renovation of our largest conference room.  New lights, ceilings, chairs, tables and carpet will compliment a new built-in quartz top credenza with cold beverage storage.  A new ceiling mounted projector will enhance the upgraded technologies that are being installed in this room.   ANF’s main gallery space will see new paint and re-finished wood floors as we prepare for fall art shows and special events.  Several other areas of the office will get lighting improvements or paint upgrades to complete the process.   

It all started with our annual Spring Cleaning event in May, when we tossed out old files that had reached their useful lifespan or were no longer valid. In the past, we stored lots of paper files and drawings in our archives, but as our industry has gone mostly digital, we find less need to store and keep paper.  In fact, ANF has been steadily scanning old drawings from projects in an effort to have all old projects in a digital (PDF) format.  Of course, all the paper actually gets shredded and tossed in the recycling bins.    

Sometimes old habits die hard, but change must be embraced, especially as new technologies tend to push us in new directions.  And, sometimes in a rather strange way, these changes can lead to a fresh new coat of paint and a good looking building.   

Posted by Eli Cloud at 3:09 PM
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