As we all know, sometimes working with nature can be a challenge!

Although weather and concerns for the safety of workers prevented the steel beam from being lifted into place during today’s ceremony at CBU, the celebration of this special milestone continued on schedule. To prevent delays to the construction timeline, the construction crew placed the ceremonial beam with evergreen tree attached to it yesterday afternoon.

Beams and columns, which had been painted white, were signed by CBU leaders, alumni, donors, School of Arts faculty, students, and ANF Architects designers – those who had a hand in bringing the building to fruition. 

Topping-off ceremonies are a longstanding tradition in construction that marks the point of the steelwork when the highest beam is placed on the building’s frame. 

An evergreen is attached to the beam to bring good luck for future occupants, continued growth, and a safe job. 

The ceremony began when Mitch Graves, Chair of Trustees, welcomed everyone, spoke about the project, and thanked the many contributors who are making this new building possible before introducing CBU President John Smarrelli. Dr. Smarrelli noted the importance of this project. Brother Robert Werle paid homage to Dr. Rosa G. Deal, for whom the building is named. Dr. Deal was the university’s first female faculty member and a true renaissance woman. It is fitting that the School of Arts that bears her name be designed with a combination of traditional and modern architecture. 

Today we celebrated a significant project milestone. Next will come the rest of the floors and the exterior “skin” of the building, interior construction and sitework. 

The Rosa Deal School of Arts is being constructed on the site of Kenrick Hall, CBU's first building at the East Parkway campus. The new building is a state-of-the-art educational facility.   

Visit the official RDSOA page for more information.

Posted by Stacee Zebb at 2:30 PM
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