University Club Athletic Building Renovation

Built in 1957, the University Club Athletic Building originally provided both members and guests with locker rooms, handball and squash courts and lounge facilities. Over the years, as athletic demands evolved, the building was renovated several times. Unfortunately, since the last major renovation in the 1990’s, the building has severely declined due to continued heavy use and numerous maintenance issues.

In 2013, the Board of Directors and the membership voted to improve the building with a major upgrade to the facility. New locker areas and shower facilities will be created; spa facilities for both men and women will be renovated and a new multi-purpose exercise room will be added. This extensive renovation will provide a contemporary and functional interior design for this important Club facility. 

With the acquisition and demolition of a neighboring apartment building, a new entrance into the University Club campus, will also be provided in the project. The Guard house will be relocated and security control added. The south parking lot will be reconfigured and an elegant brick and iron fence will be extended along Central Avenue. Additional landscaping will be provided at the new entry and parking lot enhancing the image of the club and improving its visibility in its historic residential neighborhood.  

Posted by Eli Cloud at 3:12 PM
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