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Fine Arts Building Phase II


ANF Completed Phase I of the UT Fine Arts Building in the Summer of 2013 and has begun design work on Phase II of the renovation.

Future phases of this project are anticipated to include renovation of the existing Harriet Fulton Theatre and construction of a new Concert Hall. 

This project will provide a showcase for UT Martin students, for UT Martin Arts programs, and for the entire UT Martin campus.

It adds a two-story 600 seat capacity Concert Hall, with appropriate lobby and concert hall support spaces, and a formal entrance to the Fine Arts Building and includes the renovation of the 250 seat Harriet Fulton Theatre (untouched by phase 1) is to be completely renovated. The total project area is approximately 64,000 square feet, (53,000 SF of new construction and 11,000 SF of renovation.)

Site-work will include a new entry plaza, service entrance, and parking for 150 cars.

Posted by Bailey James at 10:45 AM