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GateGourmet Atlanta

Gategourmet Unit #301 Relocation Atlanta

This new in-flight catering kitchen has been relocated to a renovated, 72,000 SF +/- tilt-up concrete warehouse (originally constructed in 1997). The roof is supported by steel columns with steel girders and bars joists. Entrances to the kitchen consist of a public entrance to the offices, two employee entrances from parking, and an entrance to the receiving dock with four roll-up doors (one occupied by a card board compactor). There are three additional entrances from the secured truck court to the Loading Dock with 13 roll-up dock doors. In addition, the building has three emergency exits equipped with delayed egress panic devices with alarms.

The 4200 SF high bay Bonded warehouse has one 6’ x 7’ roll-up door from the Receiving Dock to the Warehouse, a 6’ x 7’ roll-up door from The Warehouse to the Dish Room and a 6/ x 7” roll-up from Warehouse to Bonded Set-Up. These doors require a swipe card to enter and exist. There are two alarmed exit doors from the Warehouse plus a door into the Bonded Set-up room.

The Bonded Set-up room is 2436 SF and has three high speed roll-up doors to Wash & Pack. Access to and from Bonded Set-Up requires a card swipe. Two alarmed emergency exit doors are provided.

Construction of walls in the Bonded Warehouse and Set-up are 7 ¼” thick tilt-up concrete exterior walls and interior walls of 8” concrete block 48” high topped with metal studs and gypsum board to the roof deck. The stud wall construction is reinforced with a layer of expanded metal mesh behind the gypsum board.

Entrance to the building is controlled by ID badge and retina scan. Access to various work areas is controlled by swipe (ID) card. The entire facility, including the exterior of the building, has camera coverage. All exterior lighting has been upgraded to LED fixtures.

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1500 Union Avenue
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