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ANF Architects worked with the airport authority to increase operational efficiency by moving MSCAA staff offices to one location -  the main terminal of Memphis International Airport. This project includes the demolition and renovation of interior spaces at the Memphis International Airport.

The mezzanine levels above the A & C ticketing lobbies, formerly housed the old airport hotel - the Skyport Inn - closed in 2004. These spaces have been converted into office space for the Finance, IT, Human Resources, Business Diversity, and Staff Services departments of the Memphis-Shelby County Airport Authority. The project includes the renovation of a small break room in the A-B Terminal and the addition of a large shared break room in the B-C Terminal. Windows were added to bring in more natural light. The design also preserved some of the unique skylights from the Skyport Inn.

ANF helped to coordinate demolition and designed the new offices, which included interior design, space planning, exterior improvements, and finish selection.

Posted by Bailey James at 11:32 AM