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The Pink Palace Master Plan

A master plan has been created to achieve the Pink Palace’s goals of enhancing the visitor’s experience throughout the entire museum.

Improvements include:

• New and better organized exhibits that tell a continuous story
• Improved organization of the building for the visitor
• New and enhanced visitor amenities
New and enhanced exhibits
•New Universe and solar system exhibits – ground floor, near Planetarium
•Enlarged temporary exhibit gallery now on ground floor with new dock
•New exhibit telling the story, with continuity, of our region from its geological beginnings through the life sciences and into cultural history
•Special room devoted to the Pink ‘favorites’ – Clyde Parke Circus, the polar bear, and others. Located in the Mansion
•New ‘history of the mansion’ exhibit to include Piggly Wiggly Exhibit
Improved organization of the building
•New main entry and plaza with image and exhibit screen near Central Avenue
•New main entry court with ticketing, artifacts, gift shop and videos
•New central court with monumental stair, major artifact and cafe
•Public access to upper floor of mansion and use of main stair
•New collection area for artifact storage and display
•Continuous exhibit flow from Cultural History to the Mansion
New and enhanced visitor amenities
•New planetarium with added seating and full dome video
•New school gathering areas and discovery areas
•New special event areas in main and central courts
•New dining opportunities with new kitchens
•Enlarged gift shop, café, new toilets, and added visitor seating

Each area is phased to be completed as funding becomes available to give Pink Palace patrons the best possible experience during visits.
Posted by Stacee Zebb at 6:37 PM

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