Adopting A Flock of Angels from the Salvation Army this Christmas

This Christmas ANF adopted a ‘flock of angels’ from the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree Program. 

This program brings the “magic of Christmas” to local children and seniors in need. Holiday gifts such as bicycles, toys, winter coats, clothing, and special-needs items relieve family budgets too tight to allow for extras.  


Every member of the ANF team (all 23 of us) contributed & worked together to shop for 16 children (ages 11 months to 12 years old) and 4 senior citizens. This was such a beautiful way to spread Christmas cheer! If you are interested in adopting an angel this year, you can visit the Oak Court Mall, Wolfchase Galleria or Carrefour at Kirby Woods, thru Dec 12 to select your very own angel from the tree.  To learn more about the Angel Tree Program, visit