ANF Architects Wins National Design Award for Crosstown High School

ANF Architects is thrilled to announce that Crosstown High has received an Award of Excellence from the AIA Committee on Architecture for Education (CAE). 

AIA Education Facility Design Awards of Excellence are bestowed on projects which demonstrate exemplary practice by enhancing learning in classrooms, balancing function with aesthetics, demonstrating high-level planning, and integrating sustainability holistically.  Crosstown High is one of just four facilities nationally to receive this award.    

Sponsored by the Committee on Architecture for Education, an AIA Knowledge Community, this awards program recognizes state-of-the-art learning environments while providing an opportunity to evaluate and measure success in the ever-evolving landscape of educational design.  

Read more about the 2019 American Institute of Architects' (AIA) Committee on Architecture for Education (CAE) Education Facility Design Awards:

ANF Architects also won the AIA Memphis 2019 Award of Excellence for Crosstown High School. 

Juror comment excerpt from Tom Bailey's article in The Daily Memphian: “A high school fit into a warehouse. They created precincts and a campus inside the building, and coated it with color and shapes. All those nooks tucked away. I think we were all impressed with how well thought out it was.” (read the Daily Memphian article -