ANF Employee Awards for 2016

2016 was a busy year at ANF and the hard work & dedication of our team did not go unrecognized.

Truly, everyone deserves an award for a year spent meeting project deadlines, building relationships, and helping clients succeed! This year ANF recognized 8 team members for their outstanding committment to excellence.

Here are the 2016 ANF Award Winners in no particular order: 

     Blake Clanton - Virtually Out There Award




     Jim Davis - Leslie Smith Award





Portia Johnson - Professional on Fire     Portia Johnson - Professional on Fire Award




     Eli Cloud - Above & Beyond Award




     Derrick Choo, Bob Land & Chris Melton - Bank on Us Award





     Liz Engel - Rising to the Challenge Award 


Posted by Stacee Zebb at 8:35 AM
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