Bill Price: Buoyancy and Balance Opening Night Reception

On Friday, February 12th, ANF Architects hosted the Opening Night Reception for Bill Price's Exhibit entitled "Buoyance and Balance."

The exhibit displays the sculptural work of local artist and adjunct professor at Memphis College of Art, Bill Price, as he explores the physical laws of buoyancy and balance.

The exhibit will remain on display until March 10th at ANF Architects. Guests are encouraged to come see this free exhibit anytime Monday - Friday between 8am and 5pm. Our gallery with its specialty lighting is an ideal location to see this incredible collection of work. Trust us, you will want to see this show. It is truly uplifting and 2-D photographs can not possibly do justice to the artist's exquisite 3-D creations.  

The Theme "Buoyancy & Balance" Explained: At the mercy of hydro and aerodynamics, birds and buoys sustain their existence by navigating and resting upon the Earth's currents. With this show of sculptural forms, Bill Price has taken the physical laws of buoyancy and balance and limited them to artistic principles of line and form; illustrating moments of motion and serenity.

Bill's work will also be featured as a part of a collective exhibit curated by Dolph Smith in April (other featured artists for the April 2016 show are: Dolph Smith, Adam Hawk, Don DuMont, Tom Lee, Jim Masterson, and Jeannie Tomlinson Saltmarsh). Stay tuned for more information.