Alzheimer's Day Services Dorothy's Place


ADS provides a safe and stimulating daytime environment for persons with dementia in an effort to maintain their level of functioning while providing encouragement and support to their caregivers and families. ANF designed Dorothy’s Place with their philosophy in mind.

The main activity space introduces lots of natural light through big windows and skylights. A wandering path is the main element of the room, which winds through the room passing by an aviary, an aquarium, and themed memory boxes. Smaller activity spaces include an art room, a demonstration kitchen, sensory stations, dining area and rocking chair room. Also, ANF incorporated a snoezellen room, a developed therapy that allows participants to experience relaxation through sniffing and dreaming. Each of these areas uses a soothing color scheme with no drastically contrasting differences. ANF responded to the client’s security concerns by painting the main entry/exit doors like an old county store to disguise them so that the participants do not try to go through them. In addition, ANF provided a fenced outside courtyard that features a wandering path, gazebos and bird feeders.