Commercial Advisors Office at Shelby Farms

Commercial Advisors

When Commercial Advisors approached ANF to renovate and rebrand an office park consisting of six multi-story office buildings, the design goal was to give the main corridors, lobbies, and public spaces a dramatic refresh.  Interior finishes had not been updated in decades and Commercial Advisors hoped to appeal to the Millennial-age market segment.  

The client’s primary objective was to maximize return on investment without exceeding funds allocated for the project.  Ultimately, the renovation was successfully completed within budget and the client was very happy with the results. 

While the architectural style of all six structures is identical, the interior design varied from building to building and floor to floor.  The main challenge for ANF was to create a cohesive interior design across all buildings while providing a unique identity to each property.  Each building was designed using a vibrant, identifying color to create a unique look and feel, while serving as a wayfinding device.  Each property’s accent color was applied to exterior and interior signage and in corridor carpet accents.  Throughout all building corridors original wallcoverings were removed and replaced with a warm neutral paint finish.  While the extent of lobby renovations varied per building, all properties were updated to make the spaces brighter and more inviting.