This project renovated the CTI Imax Theater at the Pink Palace and converted the film-based Imax technology to state-of-the-art 3D Digital with a new screen and projection area. The rebranded theater, now named the CTI 3D Giant Theater is the largest movie screen in Memphis.

The Memphis Pink Palace Family of Museums' CTI 3D Giant Theater uses RealD 3D digital, provided by D3D. The switch to digital equipment has enabled the Pink Palace to show any type of movie that can be downloaded into its digital projector. This means that in addition to showing educational videos Monday-Friday, the Pink Palace can now show popular kid's movies on weekends.

The project scope included a new digital projection system, new sound system, new seats, new screen, new finishes and the addition of a movie theater-style concession stand in the theater lobby that offers soft drinks, popcorn, and candy to theater-goers. The new 50' wide and 35' high screen is curved to enhance the 3D effect. The renovated auditorium seats 400.

The theater renovation project completed in 2013 and represents phase 1 of the renovations outlined in ANF's master plan for the Pink Palace.