EdR Corporate Office

EdR Collegiate Student Housing Development & Management Corporation had rapid growth and expanded to a new headquarters facility to accommodate all corporate departments in one location.

The new space was designed to bring the collegiate vibe into the corporate environment. A grand lobby and vivid reception area greet you with detailed ceilings, integral TV displays and highlighted development images. The perimeter private offices have glass wall allowing daylight to filter into the open office spaces. Vibrant colors are incorporated into the work stations along with durable finishes with high contrast selections with a warm aesthetic.

The headquarters of EdR is a vibrant environment that envelops employees in the collegiate mind-set within the corporate space with themed conference rooms (including The Skybox - sports themed, The Cloud - technology themed and The Scholar Room - study/library themed) and colorful accents throughout the space make EdR an exciting environment to work in. Custom detailed displays are around every corner and color coded department divisions that meld from one corner to the next making the corporation and space unified.

"I have always enjoyed working with ANFA. They are the consummate professionals in their field. Their work is impeccable. I can always depend on them to get the project completed on budget and on schedule. They are like family. I highly recommend them without hesitation." - James Kenner, Vice President, Senior Director of Design, EdR