Memphis Education Fund at Crosstown Concourse

Memphis Education Fund

Memphis Education Fund (MEF) has a fresh new look in their new space in Crosstown Course. Formerly Teacher Town USA, this Memphis philanthropic collaborative is on a mission "to dramatically improve the bottom 10% of our schools in partnership with the Achievement School District and the Shelby County School District. "

After formative years on the top floors of 477 South Main, the makeup and needs of MEF were transformed & refined. MEF fuels targeted innovation, inspiration, and investment in teacher, schools, and communities. ANF was tasked with creating a supportive work environment with a variety of work spaces available to fully support the user needs. Requests for quiet yet visually connected touchdown and huddle spaces grew as did acoustic dampening between groups and visual privacy for open workspaces.

The name changed from Teacher Town to Memphis Education Fund to clarify its purpose. Using envisioning sessions with MEF to thoroughly absorb culture, operations, and aspirations, ANF responded with a diverse range of visually enlivening and acoustically tuned areas. Some spaces provide calm and quiet for collecting thoughts and focusing. Other areas energize and excite creative exchanges. These are zipped together by a clear circulation path of overhead natural wood slats and lights within the historic industrial chic architecture of Crosstown Concourse.