Pink Palace Mansion

Having served several functions in its lifetime, the Pink Palace Mansion has been renovated to showcase historical exhibits and provide wedding & event venue amenities. Originally designed as a 2-story home in the Romanesque Revival style, its owner Clarence Saunders, the Piggly Wiggly grocery store magnate, lost his fortune in the stock market mid construction. It was later donated to the City of Memphis, completed with city funds and opened in 1930 as a Museum of Natural History.

Although the exterior still looks like a home, the interior has been laid out to showcase a range of exhibits focused on Memphis’ history. Some artifacts were relocated & refined, some were painstakingly restored. As guests wind through the Mansion they meet three interactive exhibits: The Country Store, with wood flooring designed to creek, The Piggly Wiggly, which gives guests the experience of the first self-service grocery store, and the Clyde Parke Circus, an elaborate miniature moving model housed in a room playfully clad to mimic blue skies and straw & grass in the carpet.

Large connected spaces that would have been living & dining rooms, had their original stone and parquet wood flooring restored, along with repaired casework, showing what may have been if the Mansion had been completed as a private home. These areas also host wedding receptions weekly and offer smaller displays at their perimeters. To better serve their bridal clientele, areas at opposite ends of the Mansion offer completely separate dressing spaces for the bride & groom, designed with classic elements including refurbished wood flooring, elegant lighting and a touch of Tiffany blue, providing a photo-ready setting to prepare for a wedding event.

20,000 SF of the mansion's 30,000 SF of space were renovated with this project. A elevator was added to improve ADA accessibility.