Speak Creative Headquarters

ANF designed a new 14,000 SF, 2-story class A office building for the headquarters of Speak Creative in East Memphis at the intersection of Quail Hollow & Massey Road.

Speak challenged ANF to create a contemporary design suitable for a full service digital agency that would meet Land Use Control Board restrictions that call for all buildings in the area to have a “residential character.” The red brick exterior and divided windows are contextually respectful of the surroundings, while the interior reflects a modern full service digital agency.

Major Project Features: a large, flexible open workspace connected to glass-walled private offices - a design that lends itself to collaboration & communication. Meeting nooks, conference rooms, a break area with a fully stocked coffee bar, and flexible recreation areas create a fun relaxing work environment meant to foster creativity. 

The layout provides a connection to the outdoors with large windows at the perimeter where most of the staff spends their time.  Restrooms and smaller quiet spaces were kept in the center of the building while stairs incorporate a fun, welcoming aesthetic, bringing in maximum daylight to encourage use.

The design includes a large open office area on one side, while the other side provides spacious break out & meeting areas. The two sides are divided by a volume of offices with glass walls that face the open office area and the various styles of quite small meeting nooks that back up to them. ANF treated this half of the core like a frosted cake, each slice removed creates an office or nook and reveals the lighter color inside the red box. Red accents used throughout and are connected by a series of bisecting lines created with carpet tiles. Enclosed rooms at the center of the space provide sound buffering for the predominately open floor plan, allowing both collaborative team meetings and individual quite work to happen simultaneously.

Speak occupies the second floor, while the first floor is designated as leased space for future tenants.