Wells Station Elementary School Addition

A new two-story, 31,000 square foot building with 20 classrooms and a gymnasium was completed in 2016 at a cost of $4.3M. Two of the classrooms were designed for students with specialized learning requirements.

The project's scope also included the replacement of the school's old, aging chiller. Interior upgrades to the original/existing school building include an updated stage, classrooms, corridors, and staff offices.

The site design created a much needed loop drive for parental drop-off/pick-up as well as 29 additional parking spaces with six dedicated handicap parking spaces. The site was extensively landscaped to enhance the school and community. Re-grading the site improved drainage thereby eliminating previous issues with standing water.

This high-impact, low-cost project was designed for longevity & function to provide maximum benefits for Wells Station students & faculty.