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Pink Palace Mansion

  Having served several functions in its lifetime, the Pink Palace Mansion has been renovated to showcase historical exhibits and provide wedding & event venue amenities. Originally designed as a 2-story home in the Romanesque Revival style, its owner Clarence Saunders, the Piggly Wiggly grocery store magnate, lost his fortune in the stock market mid construction. It was later donated to the City of Memphis, completed with city funds and opened in... Read More
Posted by Bailey James at Tuesday, March 19, 2019

West Tennessee Solar Farm Information and Welcome Center

              1-40 Solar Farm Information & Welcome Center This 14,000 SF information & welcome center offers an educational component for the West Tennessee Solar Farm, which is a model of sustainable and energy-driven design. In 2012, the West Tennessee Solar Farm officially began generating power. The 5-megawatt facility, developed by the University of Tennessee Research Foundation, is located on Interstate-40 about 30... Read More
Posted by Bailey James at Friday, March 23, 2018

Levitt Shell Renovation & Improvements - Phase 2

<!-- --> The Levitt Foundation ANF Architects worked closely with the Levitt Foundation to renovate, preserve, and restore the 1930's era outdoor concert shell after it had fallen into a state of disrepair and was shut down by the city. The orchestra shell reopened in 2008 and was rebranded as the Levitt Shell. The project was an immediate success that was embraced by the Memphis Community. The audience and community support for... Read More
Posted by Bailey James at Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Overton Park Bike Gate Plaza

ANF designed the Bike Gate for Overton Park Conservancy with a curvy bike sprocket and chain-themed Plaza and a sculptural archway of scrap bicycles, wheelchairs, scooters, trikes, and other elements to be discovered by inquisitive visitors. Features that are friendly to cycles, wheelchairs, and pedestrians include benches, recycling bins, water fountain, wayfinding signs, and a trail linking the Plaza to existing roads in the beautiful Old Forest State Natural Area. ... Read More
Posted by Bailey James at Thursday, August 31, 2017

University of Tennessee Fine Arts Phase I

UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE Located on the northwest corner of the main campus quadrangle, the Fine Arts Building occupies a prominent and highly visible site. The 150,000 SF project, providing teaching and performance spaces, includes both new construction and renovation. The Ground Floor of the two story building houses the Band Room, Percussion Hall, Choir Rehearsal Hall, teaching and practice rooms, Lecture Halls, Administration as well as the University’s... Read More
Posted by Bailey James at Thursday, June 1, 2017


   THE CITY OF MEMPHIS; MEMPHIS PINK PALACE FAMILY OF MUSEUMS ANF Architects has completed multiple projects for The Pink Palace. The museum underwent major renovations based on the master plan designed by ANF Architects. Future project include a new museum entrance and new exhibit areas. Completed projects include renovations to Autozone Dome, Sharpe Planetarium Renovation now equipped with full dome projection completed in (January of 2016), and... Read More
Posted by Bailey James at Monday, May 1, 2017

Alex Haley Museum and Interpretive Center

Tennessee Historical Commission ANF worked closely with the Tennessee Historical Commission to design the 6,500 s.f. Alex Haley Interpretive Center and Museum on the site of the famous author’s former home in Henning, TN. The Visitor’s Center was created to enhance the mission of the historic house and museum with a design that reflects the architectural ‘roots’ of a small southern town. The design concept for the one-story Alex Haley Interpretive... Read More
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MEMPHIS-SHELBY COUNTY AIRPORT AUTHORITY (MSCAA) ANF Architects worked with the airport authority to increase operational efficiency by moving MSCAA staff offices to one location -  the main terminal of Memphis International Airport. This project includes the demolition and renovation of interior spaces at the Memphis International Airport. The mezzanine levels above the A & C ticketing lobbies, formerly housed the old airport hotel - the Skyport Inn -... Read More
Posted by Bailey James at Monday, April 24, 2017

Fine Arts Building Phase II

         UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE ANF Completed Phase I of the UT Fine Arts Building in the Summer of 2013 and has begun design work on Phase II of the renovation. Future phases of this project are anticipated to include renovation of the existing Harriet Fulton Theatre and construction of a new Concert Hall.  This project will provide a showcase for UT Martin students, for UT Martin Arts programs, and for the entire UT Martin campus. It adds a... Read More
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PINK PALACE MUSEUM Autozone Dome, Sharpe Planetarium Renovation

The heart of the planetarium is the new digital projector by Konica Minolta and this represents a quantum shift from yesteryear’s servo-mechanical star machines to today’s digital video projection technology. The new Konica Minolta Full-Dome Digital Video planetarium system completely immerses you in imagery, sound & comfort like never before. The space is completely modernized, from the technology to the finishes (carpet, furniture, paint, etc.).... Read More
Posted by Bailey James at Sunday, April 16, 2017


  This project renovated the CTI Imax Theater at the Pink Palace and converted the film-based Imax technology to state-of-the-art 3D Digital with a new screen and projection area. The rebranded theater, now named the CTI 3D Giant Theater is the largest movie screen in Memphis. The Memphis Pink Palace Family of Museums' CTI 3D Giant Theater uses RealD 3D digital, provided by D3D. The switch to digital equipment has enabled the Pink Palace to show any type of movie that... Read More
Posted by Bailey James at Thursday, April 13, 2017

Tunica Riverpark

This project is a park on 168 acres of land on the unprotected side of the levee along the Mississippi River in Tunica County, Mississippi. Programming identified three major components of the park project: a harbor, a visitor center building and an interpretive nature experience. The Harbor was dredged out of the existing river bank and provides a floating dock that accommodates large excursion boats as well as smaller private craft. The Visitors Center is a 37,000 SF building with a... Read More
Posted by Bailey James at Thursday, April 6, 2017

The Pink Palace Master Plan

A master plan has been created to achieve the Pink Palace’s goals of enhancing the visitor’s experience throughout the entire museum. Improvements include: • New and better organized exhibits that tell a continuous story • Improved organization of the building for the visitor • New and enhanced visitor amenities New and enhanced exhibits •New Universe and solar system exhibits – ground floor, near Planetarium •Enlarged... Read More
Posted by Bailey James at Thursday, April 6, 2017

Teacher Town Commons

MEMPHIS COLLEGE OF ART/TEACHER TOWN USA For Teacher Town USA, ANF was asked to create an edgy exciting collaborative workplace to be used by multiple nonprofit organizations from across the USA with interrelated educational missions. The facility layout and the design is intended to inspire and encourage spontaneous huddles and discussions. Teacher Town Commons occupies the top two floors of the Memphis College of Art Grad School on S. Main. This... Read More
Posted by Bailey James at Thursday, April 6, 2017

St. George's Elementary School Library in Germantown

This renovation addresses the changing role of the library and updates the overall space. The goal here was to open the library up, remove demising walls, and create an open, light-filled space and environment that provides comfortable reading and study spaces. A castle-like nook was created to help arouse the young child’s imagination, a room was opened up to encourage connectivity, create a generous window seat and add large windows that bring in much desired natural... Read More
Posted by Bailey James at Thursday, April 6, 2017

Southwest Tennessee Community College Library

A Master plan for the Macon Cove campus was prepared in 2003, which proposed several changes to the existing campus plan, which were incorporated into the Bornblum Library at Southwest Tennessee Community College. The circular motor court entrance creates a new "Front Door" to the campus, providing for automobile and bus drop-off. A curving arcade façade with a large Southwest Tennessee Community College" graphic surrounds this motor court and creates an... Read More
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TUNICA PARKS & RECREATION ANF designed Robinsonville’s new Community Center building which replaces a nearby outdated and outgrown facility. The new home of Tunica Parks & Recreation is a bright and lively star in the community. Spaces include a colorful and welcoming lobby, full size gymnasium that doubles for stage productions, Meeting/classroom spaces that double as a large gathering room, full kitchen, multi-purpose room, full restrooms & support... Read More
Posted by Bailey James at Thursday, April 6, 2017

Rainbow Lake Playground

OVERTON PARK CONSERVANCY ANF Architects reimagined and renovated the Rainbow Lake Playground at Overton Park. ANF uses an "edge of the woods" design concept to enliven and expand Overton Park's existing playground near Rainbow Lake. Work includes an earth mound with hollow tree trunk tunnel and slide, wooden climbing platforms and accessible inclines, cargo net "spider web" climbing structure, self-propelled merry-go-round,... Read More
Posted by Bailey James at Thursday, April 6, 2017

Overton Bark

Overton Bark off-leash dog park was the Overton Park Conservancy's very first capital project. Its design fits beneath a canopy of beautiful trees in Memphis’ historic Overton Park, providing a fenced area for dogs to play and owners to socialize. Special attention is given to incorporating old and new materials into the park’s existing aesthetics. A roofed entry porch leads to separate small and big dog areas with each entrance double gated. Drinking fountains include dog... Read More
Posted by Bailey James at Thursday, April 6, 2017

Old Kia Kima Scout Camp

KIA KIMA PRESERVATION SOCIETY ANF Architects renovated the Old Kia Kima Scout Camp in 2001 and 2002. The main gathering space and dining hall were updated, along with the scout cabins. We are currently in progress on additional projects for the Boy Scouts of America. Our design work focused on transforming the Thunderbird Lodge into a centerpiece for the camp. The former camp is concentrated in a small corner of the property, fronting on the South Fork of the Spring River,... Read More
Posted by Bailey James at Thursday, April 6, 2017

Oakhaven Club

BOYS & GIRLS CLUB OF GREATER MEMPHIS When the Boys & Girls Club of Memphis acquired a vacant church building near the airport, ANF was asked to assist with the design and construction of the new Oakhaven Club. This renovation/adaptive reuse project includes mold & asbestos abatement and was completed with a modest budget. Located in SE Memphis, in an older neighborhood, this 11,000 SF facility has been transformed into an activity hub for boys... Read More
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From its founding, MIFA has occupied a grocery store building in a neighborhood convenient to its clientele. The building is a one-story steel-framed structure built in the early 1960’s with approximately 37,800 square feet on one level. The property is surrounded by an eight-foot tall chain link fence to discourage crime, although break-ins have occurred, including one during construction. The interior had been subdivided into a confusing warren of small windowless rooms, most of... Read More
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THE MEMPHIS GRIZZLIES The Memphis Grizzlies wanted to activate Tom Lee Park, an iconic park in downtown Memphis that was underutulized 10 months of the year, and in the process generate a community-wide discussion about the highest & best use of green spaces. This 9 acre public, outdoor walking/running path with exercise stations spread along its length will promote a healthier lifestyle among users. ANF Architects designed six stations for... Read More
Posted by Bailey James at Thursday, April 6, 2017

Memphis College of Art: Nesin Graduate School

MEMPHIS COLLEGE OF ART When Memphis College of Art (MCA) required more studio and classroom space for its growing graduate program, ANF assisted the college in evaluating, purchasing, and designing a 1930's property in the South Main Arts District in downtown Memphis. Providing research and design support to the college, ANF facilitated Memphis Landmarks Commission reviews of the historic property. This adaptive reuse project includes 28,000 sf of classroom and studio... Read More
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Memphis College of Art: Metz Hall and Fogelman Hall

MEMPHIS COLLEGE OF ART The design of these living-learning residence halls fulfills fundamental cornerstones of the larger master plan for Memphis College of Art (MCA). Each design pairs light-infused studio space on the top floor with residential suites that each contain a washer/dryer, full kitchen, living room, security alarms, and private bedrooms. As desired by MCA, the design team provided distinctively modern buildings that reference the College's iconic Rust Hall... Read More
Posted by Bailey James at Thursday, April 6, 2017

Memphis Brooks Museum of Art

MEMPHIS BROOKS MUSEUM OF ART This addition and related renovation doubles the size of the museum while re-orienting the main entry for increased visibility and accessibility. The 1916 original building designed by James Gamble Rogers continues to serve as gallery space and special event entry. The museum's Brushmark Restaurant opens onto a large terrace with panoramic views of the surrounding historic urban Overton Park. Thought to have been lost during earlier... Read More
Posted by Bailey James at Thursday, April 6, 2017

Memphis Animal Services

CITY OF MEMPHIS The design for this user-friendly Animal Services shelter/veterinary clinic provides desperately needed up to date facilities to house and care for animals offered for adoption and to teach the Memphis community about caring for pets and preventing strays. HVAC systems are designed specifically for an animal facility and will provide fresh-air concentration, dehumidification, and filtration with photohydroionization filters to control diseases and... Read More
Posted by Bailey James at Thursday, April 6, 2017

IRS Memphis Service Center Master Plan

INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE The IRS Service Center is sited on 131 acres. ANF led a detailed site evaluation and site plan taking into account the high security necessary for the agency. The master plan provides tight security while maintaining a visually open layout for employees. Individual building modules are connected to one another by three courtyards. This detailed site evaluation and resulting master plan guides the development of a vast one-story building,... Read More
Posted by Bailey James at Thursday, April 6, 2017