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Evergreen Presbyterian Church

The congregation chose to renovate a 1920’s era commercial storefront creating a flexible space that would reflect a unique Church Story. Through thoughtful design, we sought to communicate the gravity of their tradition while concurrently supporting their experimentation of faith in the modern age.

The exterior consists of 3 identical bays, creating a clearly defined main entry. However, the building is located in a Historic District requiring façade changes to be sensitive and understated. The main entry was emphasized with a large threshold of brick pavers, interrupting the public sidewalk. A copper awning was added to further accentuate the main doors. These entry doors were painted a patinaed copper color and large custom iron door pulls were forged by a local artist. Finally, the Church’s original antique bell, a much-loved relic from the 1920’s, was hung once again in a prominent position adjacent to the main entry doors

The flexible interior can be utilized for both religious and secular events. Thus, it was important to convey a sense of transcendence and holiness without the use of overt religious symbology. A murmuration sculpture was commissioned for the center of the space, marking the permanent location of the movable altar. The playful carpet pattern below evokes the shadowy forms of the sculptural birds swirling above. Highly stackable walnut formed plywood chairs were utilized in lieu of traditional pews. Curving partial height walls reinforce this concentric design while still allowing for flexibility of layout and configuration.

Posted by Bailey James at 10:14 AM