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FedEx World Hub Master Plan


In response to FedEx's quickly expanding needs, ANF explored multiple master plan variations including buildings, aircraft aprons/ramps for tug or power-out scenarios, blast fences, de-icing, ground service equipment, and construction staging in order to minimize sort times and maximize package counts. ANF updated master plans during the planning for major new Sort Buildings with the latest facility and sort technologies. Memphis SuperHub phases include the East Primary Sort and Input Canopy, North Secondary Sort, enclosing and ramping over Hurricane Creek flood design, Conveyor Bridge over Hurricane Creek, East Ramp Secondary Sort and Input Canopy, and International Sort and Input Canopy -- totaling over one million square feet of sort, distribution and support spaces.

Posted by Stacee Zebb at 2:18 PM

1500 Union Avenue
Memphis, TN 38104


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