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IRS Memphis Service Center Master Plan


The IRS Service Center is sited on 131 acres. ANF led a detailed site evaluation and site plan taking into account the high security necessary for the agency. The master plan provides tight security while maintaining a visually open layout for employees. Individual building modules are connected to one another by three courtyards.

This detailed site evaluation and resulting master plan guides the development of a vast one-story building, breaking it up into smaller modules to mitigate the contrast with human scale and better secure site and building access. The master plan provided for tight security at the perimeter of the site as well as at the entry points for each building module yet it maintained a visually open feeling for employees. The individual building modules connect at each corner to form three interior courtyards which provide both recreation and visual relief for the buildings' occupants. The site includes lakes, walking trails, and a wide perimeter area for natural and low maintenance landscaping.

Posted by Bailey James at 3:09 PM